04 November 2015

.Nitya's Life.

'Where is life?'
She ties her hairs on the top of her head
She blinks her dry eyes in which no kajal

'It must be somewhere near to my heart'
she sees news on the tv channels.
She changes to a music channel putting clothes in the machine mechanically

Every day she says something to herself
When hours, days,months,years keep passing
While feeding her children
She feeds herself on such questions 

While sleeping she says again
'No no .. i never asked for this..
This is just living..
I gotta find life tomorrow' 

Next day (this is her 179th next day )
she reads 'How to' series books
She watches a movie which is full of so called life
She goes to MacD with children
(She posts a pic on Facebook) 

She sees colorful people with same feelingless skin colored masks
She taps her leg on a song of life with a band
She shops some colorful outfits
She tries to hum a happy song

She gives some paise to a bhikari near a bypass who says 'Beti,jeeti raho'

While coming she tries to peep under the masks of some people
She comes home she does her daily chores
And she murmurs something again...

--- chaitali.

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Anonymous said...

Precise. On the spot.